After you and your supplier have concluded with your order, he/she has to send your goods to a shipping agent to bring to you.
If you are in Ghana, you can use Benguy Imports as your shipping company.

If you are in Nigeria, Kenya or any other African country, get in touch with us and we will recommend a reliable shipping company for you to use.
To let us ship your goods to Ghana for you, you’ll need our China warehouse address.

The ending part of the warehouse address contains what we call the shipping mark. This is the only part of the address you will edit. Leave everything else intact. The shipping mark is shown below:

There are three ways to ship goods into Ghana.

1.Sea Cargo: It takes 45 working days for the goods to arrive when you ship them by sea.

2.Air Cargo: It takes 2 weeks for the goods to arrive in Ghana when you ship them by air. But this is more expensive than Sea Cargo.

Express Air Cargo: This is much more expensive, but you get the goods in 2 to 5 days

Sea Cargo: It currently costs $230 per Cubic Meter (CBM). You can ask your supplier for the cmb

(Meaning cubic meter) size of your products and then we will calculate the shipping cost for you.

Air cargo: It costs $15 per kilo. Ask our supplier for the weight of your product, so we can determine the cost of shipping it by air.

Express Air Cargo: It costs $22 per kilo.

NOTE: The shipping fee includes clearing, duties, taxes and everything. You don’t have to worry about any of that. Just pay your shipping fee and come for your goods.

ALSO NOTE: Shipping fees are subject to changes in the future.

The goods will be sent to our warehouse at Teshie in Accra.
You can either come there to pick them up yourself, or we will send them to you wherever you are, but you will pay for the transportation.


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